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All the Lives We Ever Lived: SEEKING SOLACE IN VIRGINIA WOOLF, by Katharine Smyth

Smyth’s story moves between the New England of her childhood and Woolf’s Cornish shores and Bloomsbury squares, exploring universal questions about family, loss, and homecoming. Through her inventive, highly personal reading of To the Lighthouse, and her artful adaptation of its groundbreaking structure, Smyth guides us toward a new vision of Woolf’s most demanding and rewarding novel—and crafts an elegant reminder of literature’s ability to clarify and console.
A wise, lyrical memoir about the power of literature to help us read our own lives—and see clearly the people we love most.


A stunning debut; a Departures original publication. The ultimate survival story; a wild ride—the wildest—down a South American river in the thick of the Amazon Basin; a true and thrilling adventure of a young married couple who survive a plane crash only to later raft hundreds of miles across Peru and Bolivia, ending up in a channel to nowhere, a dead end so flooded there is literally no land to stand on. Their raft—a mere four logs—separates them from the piranha-and-caiman-infested water until they finally realize that there is no way out but to swim. Vintage Original.

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Book Signing & Discussion: Meet Cara Robertson author of The Trial of Lizzie Borden - FALL RIVER PUBLIC LIBRARY

Ink Fish Books is co-hosting this event at the Fall River Public Library

Is she a cold-blooded murderess or an unjustly persecuted lady? Did she or didn’t she?
The popular fascination with the Borden murders and its central enigmatic character has endured for more than one hundred years. Immortalized in rhyme, told and retold in every conceivable genre, the murders have secured a place in the American pantheon of mythic horror, but one typically wrenched from its historical moment. In contrast, Cara Robertson explores the stories Lizzie Borden’s culture wanted and expected to hear and how those stories influenced the debate inside and outside of the courtroom. Based on transcripts of the Borden legal proceedings, contemporary newspaper accounts, unpublished local accounts, and recently unearthed letters from Lizzie herself, The Trial of Lizzie Borden offers a window into America in the Gilded Age, showcasing its most deeply held convictions and its most troubling social anxieties.

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FOOD TASTING & BOOK SIGNING: Kate Bowler local author of New England Invite: Fresh Feasts to Savor the Seasons

New England Invite gives the seasoned host and the busy novice the tools they need to effortlessly entertain at home. Collected seasonal recipes with a modern take on New England traditions make for festive gatherings all year round. Enjoy expert entertaining tips, delicious recipes and simple party decor ideas to make any celebration pop. From a summer clam bake to a fall harvest-themed party, you will find full entertaining menus and the steps you need to make these events come to life. Author Kate Bowler captures the spirit of New England cooking and presentation to get friends and family excited to make life entertaining.

Kate Bowler is the author of the popular lifestyle blog where she writes about festive entertaining tips, easy recipes, DIY projects and life as a new mom. Her recipes and styling work have been featured in publications such as Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and The Boston Globe.

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BOOK SIGNING: John "Cliff" Halliwell's local author of Flying Nightmare

Join us as we celebrate the release of John "Cliff" Halliwell's book, "Flying Nightmare."

“Flying Nightmare” is straight from the heart of a 19-year-old B-24 Bomber Pilot. It is a front row seat of his 42 bombing missions through flak-filled skies over Germany, France, Austria and the Balkans. Finally, after his 42nd mission, wounded for the second and last time, being sent home.”

Ink Fish Books will have books available for sale on the day of the signing. Refreshments will be served.

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Independent Publishing Discussion: Steven R. Porter founder of Stillwater River Publications

Ever dreamed of becoming a published author? Join Stillwater River Publications founder Steven R. Porter as he explores and discusses the often confusing options writers have in today's publishing world.

Find out if self-publishing is the option right for you. 90 Minutes.

Steven R. Porter is the author of the critically-acclaimed Southie crime thriller Confessions of the Meek & the Valiant, and the award-winning historical novel Manisses based on the legends and rich history of Block Island, Rhode Island. In 2011, along with a handful of talented local authors, he founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) to help promote, market and sell the state's best books throughout the region and the country. With a membership of over 300 authors, it is Rhode Island's fastest growing arts organization.

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WARREN MAIN STREET STROLL: Meet local childrens book author Anika Denise & join us for Jamican Patties by JA Patty from Hope & Main

CHILDRENS STORY TIME & BOOK SIGNING: ANIKA DENISE LOCAL AUTHOR of Planting Stories: The Life of Librarian and Storyteller Pura Belpré. 4:30-6:00 PM

Local Food Pop Up with JA PAtty from Hope & Main. Jamaican Patties with a flaky pastry dough filled with various savory fillings. 4:00-7:00 PM

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Book Signing: Meet local author Martha Reynolds

Join us for a book signing with local author Martha Reynolds

Martha Reynolds is the author of eight novels, including CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, BITS OF BROKEN GLASS, and BEST SELLER. VILLA DEL SOL won the 2018 Book Award in Literary Fiction by the Independent Publishers of New England. Her newest novel is APRIL IN GALWAY, published in November 2018. Martha is a proud member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) and lives in Rhode Island with her husband. 

Villa del Sol

WINNER of Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) 2018 Literary Fiction Book Award

Jennifer Logan just buried her husband, the beloved senior senator from Rhode Island. To find solace and peace for her troubled soul, she rents a villa in a small town on the Swiss-Italian border. For the next six months, Jennifer will process her grief in solitude, unplugged from the world.But her financial stability is threatened when her husband's only child lays a claim to his estate.

April in Galway

Bill Flanagan's no stranger to regrets, so when he stumbles upon the chance to erase one from his long record, he jumps at it.April Tweed's reinvigorated acting career may suggest she's left her past behind, but some memories don't let go easily, even thirty years later. The most important person from her past has tracked her down in Ireland, where she's filming a miniseries.Past collides with present when April finds herself stuck between her high school sweetheart, Bill, and her persistently amorous co-star, Connor.

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Book Signing & Discussion: Meet local author Mia Donohue author of Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl

Mai Donohue is a writer, beloved home cook, and re-tired educator of special needs students. After leaving Vietnam in 1970 she and her husband Brian settled in Barrington, Rhode Island. They have seven children and thirteen grandchildren. Mai holds a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island, an accomplishment that was the culmination of more than twelve years of study. Mai is known in her community for supporting various charitable causes with her delicious Vietnamese cooking. A PBS short documentary about Mai's life was nominated for a New England Emmy award in 2006.

This vivid, compulsively readable memoir of courage, grief and redemption illuminates the life of Mai, a young girl from Vietnam's rice fields, who risks everything to escape poverty, abuse and war. Her battle is not against soldiers but against her neighbors and a thousand years of tradition. Born during Ho Chi Minh's revolution against the French, she was just a baby when his followers in the village, out of spite, came to her home one night and murdered the men in the family, driving her mother mad with fear and rage. She was fourteen when her mother forced her to marry and have a child with a brutal man who beat and tortured her, finally leaving her for dead beside the road. Recovered, she ran away with her infant son, only to discover there was no place for them. To save her baby's life, she returned home in disgrace, only to face the Viet Cong. In desperation she escaped again, leaving her child in safety, she thought. On Saigon's deadly streets, with no identity papers, she became an outlaw, hiding from her ex-husband, grieving for her lost child. Homeless, penniless and pursued, only her dream of freedom kept her alive. Then one day she would meet a saintly woman, who gave her hope, and an Irish-American naval officer, who gave her love. Crossing the Bamboo Bridge is a tale of mothers and daughters, and of their children. It is a tale of war, and grief, and a young girl's dreams. It is a stunning epiphany of hope where there is none, of courage in the face of despair, of love, respect and freedom.

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