Ink Fish Books Trade Program

We appreciate your book trade, it reflects reading habits in the community and ensures books live on! To determine what Ink Fish Books can accept, we look at our current inventory, available space, and what is popular in the store. We may not be able to take your trade even if it meets the criteria below. We stock giftable used books so please make sure your trade books are in excellent condition.

Books we are unable to take for trade:

  • computer books

  • Textbooks

  • Magazines

  • Out of date books (e.g. old travel books, formerly current events)

  • Library books

  • Antique vintage books

  • Books in poor condition

How it works:

  • Bring ten (10) books or less to trade to Ink Fish Books

  • Your trade credit amount will be determined the same day

  • We keep your trade credit on file under your name and available for 1 year

  • Your trade credit may be applied to 50% off a purchase

  • Your trade credit may be used on all books in the store, new and used

  • Trade credit has no cash value