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Join us for a Summer Main Street Stroll! Come browse the store and enjoy great events!


Booksigning: Meet local YA author Hannah R. Goodman author of Till it Stops Beating. Seventeen-year-old Maddie Hickman’s senior year begins with the good (the reemergence of The One That Got Away), the bad (a cancer diagnosis, not hers, but it might as well be) and the WTF (an anxiety attack that renders her writhing on the floor like an upside down crab). Adding to her spiraling anxiety is Senior Project, in the form of I’ve Decided To Write A Book about The Other One That Got Away (And Crushed My Heart). Compounding it all is applying to college and keeping up with her friends. The ever mounting stress eventually rips her tight grip on all that she holds dear. Her break down leads to an unexpected road trip where she is forced to listen to her wildly beating heart. It is only in the back of a convertible with pop music blasting, that she discovers she must risk everything in order to really live.

Trunk Show: with Universe Letters mindful, meaningful, beautiful jewelry--that inspires and offers messages of hope, light and love. Made in RI. You already have everything you need. Our jewelry simply reminds you of who you already are. Because when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. Wear our jewelry as your daily boost to uplift, inspire and recharge you!